King of the Kitchen...

Obviously, we like to check out what our customers have to say about meals and service and we are always smiling when we read reviews. Phrases such as “This pub is a hidden gem” …. “this spot has never disappointed” … “Imagine London suburban back streets with little corner pubs serving beers with a smile and good food-that's the All Nations Hotel in Richmond”

That’s how we like people to see our Hotel. A little hidden gem, a pub that you stumble upon, then you bring back your friends, showing them the treasure that you have unearthed. It’s not like we haven’t been here for long, the All Nations Hotel was established in 1873, 143 years ago, and we can only guess the number of gallons of beer that have been served, the cigarettes smoked (when you still could smoke inside) and the many discussions on football, politics and world peace. The hotel has a long and colourful history.

A part of the discovery when people come to the All Nations is our food. Seriously, it’s an experience, a journey and it’s all because of our chef John King.

The list of kitchens that John King has worked his wonders in includes The Royal Mail Hotel - Dunkeld, The European, Church Street Enoteca and The Palace in South Melbourne.

Chef John King has a very strong philosophy about the food that he serves. He believes that the food he produces needs to be sustainable and ethical. The meat he uses here in the All Nations kitchen is purchased from an organic butcher and the fruit and vegetables from a not for profit organisation that sources its products direct from farm. He respects each and every customer's own food choices, he understands that everyone is on their own journey with the food they choose. He works under pressure, but does it with a spark in his eye, when he asks how your meal was, he really wants to know. The menu is ever changing, depending on what he can source fresh and in season from our suppliers. Next time you are out and about in Richmond, call in and discover this gem for yourself.

The All Nations Hotel is situated at 64 Lennox Street Richmond. Open 7 days a week !

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