When only the best will do...

It's essential the produce we prepare for our customers is not only the best quality, it also needs to be sourced from producers with sustainable farming practices. To ensure this, we purchase our meat from Hagens Organic Butcher.

Oliver Hagen, business owner is rightfully, extremely proud of the produce they sell. "There are farmers that my late father and now I have been buying produce from for over 20 years. We know how they farm, we have been on their farm, we know they have ethical practices and are chemical free. We know how good their product is."

Everything they sell is made onsite and all preservative free. The array of freshly prepared trays of meat on display looks amazing and looks perfect!

This is Paul, he has been a butcher for over 50 years. When I asked him what was the best thing about being a butcher, he shrugged and simply said... "It's what I do, It's what I know... "

Hagens Butcher - Craig preparing meat for the All Nations Hotel

Next time you choose to dine at the All Nations, enjoy your meal knowing that the meat is sustainable and has been treated ethically.

Book in and dine with us soon.....

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